No laws protect dogs from abuse

Published 12:04 am Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mr. Cooper. Please, if you love dogs as much as you say (in Dec. 10 column), do your research before publishing such rubbish for the whole world to read. You are not raising awareness for child abuse by cutting down another awareness movement. There are many comparisons that could be made between many issues, and why one seems more important than the other. You could’ve worded things more appropriately as to bring as much awareness to child abuse, rather than say we should support one more than the other. Where do you draw the line for a living beings existential importance? Who are you to say one life is more important than the other?

Mr. Cooper, hear me out! There are laws in place for children, how much was bail for the alleged? You didn’t write about that, but let me tell you: the bail for the dog abuser was $60,000 — not enough for the lives of 56 brutally abused, over 30 dead, and who knows how many more before this bust?

What laws protect the dogs? That dog with the jaw torn off, well that’s just a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor. Do you understand yet, Mr. Cooper? And only one count of this misdemeanor for 56 mangled dogs. You’re right, we’re outraged.

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We’re outraged for the children, too, but at least there was a law to protect the children.
Angela Smith

Miss-Lou resident