Thank you for shining spotlight on abuse

Published 12:02 am Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kevin! You gave a great voice (in Dec. 10 column) to my years of frustration over the public’s response to child vs. animal abuse!  Like you, I adore my pets and believe God’s four-footed creatures are special. However, your comparison of the outrage over dog-fighting vs. child abuse is spot on. The National Children’s Alliance in Washington, D.C., who is the accrediting body for our Children’s Advocacy Center (and all 800 in the U.S.), reports that Americans donate 6 times more money to animal causes than to child abuse.

Thank you for spotlighting this discrepancy in both emotion and resources by good people who surely love animals and children but do not respond equitably to abusive actions toward both.  You are the first person locally to highlight this issue in my 35 years in Natchez!
Nancy Hungerford

Community Resources Coordinator

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