County man charged with threatening witness

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017

NATCHEZ — An Adams County man accused of armed robbery received an additional charge Monday of intimidating a state witness.

A woman potentially scheduled to testify against Jeffery Wayne Clark, 52, 72 W. Wilderness Road — who has been connected by authorities to multiple armed robberies and burglaries in the area — claimed Clark issued a death threat against her on Dec. 12, Adams County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jerry Brown said.

“The (alleged) victim stated that she was approached by Jeffery Clark because Jeffery suspected she was going to testify against him in an upcoming trial,” Brown said.

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Brown would not verify whether the woman was indeed scheduled to be a witness, though the charge brought against Clark indicates so.

Brown said the alleged victim was visibly disturbed when she reported her claim to the sheriff’s office.

“She was pretty shook up about it,” Brown said.

Clark made his alleged threat verbally, as no weapon was shown during the exchange, Brown said.

Brown said Clark and the woman knew each other prior to the incident.

“He was acquainted with her,” Brown said.

Authorities have linked Clark to multiple robberies and burglaries that occurred earlier this year, and Clark has accrued at least 32 charges — many of which are for violent crimes — in Adams County since 2001.

Brown could not state whether this incident was tied to any specific case to which Clark has been connected.

The district attorney’s office, Brown said, must decide how they want to proceed on the multiple charges brought against Clark by both the city and county.