Broadmoor Utilities water main breaks

Published 12:05 am Thursday, December 21, 2017

NATCHEZ — A water main broke early Wednesday morning, stopping water flow from Broadmoor Utilities customers for several hours.

Construction workers repairing the pipeline said they arrived around 10 a.m. to fix a valve that had rusted and broken.

Workers asked not to be identified for this article, but said they had needed to cut water services to the Johnson Circle area of Broadmoor in order to make the repair.

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Residents reported that the water returned at approximately 2 p.m.

A Broadmoor Utilities representative confirmed Wednesday that the water line had been repaired, but said she could not comment further on the matter and referred questions to the utilitiy’s president, Leola Harris.

Harris did not return a request for comment Wednesday.

Residents reported a fire hydrant spewing water at approximately 1 p.m. several streets away from the line break.

“I just happened to be walking to my mailbox,” Broadmoor resident Linda Montgomery said, “and the fire hydrant was on. Water was going everywhere.”

Montgomery said she did not know how long the hydrant had been spewing water.

The garages of two nearby houses were flooded with standing water, but the owners were not home.

Montgomery said one of the homeowners was on vacation. The other home was vacant.

Several standing bodies of water were evident in yards and on roadsides in the area.Several homeowners reported that they had gotten no notification about the water outage from Broadmoor Utilities.

“It’s like every time I turn around something is wrong,” Montgomery said. “My washer was on when the water went out. If a pipe bursts, I expect them to pay for it.”

Rhonda Caston, a Broadmoor resident for approximately three years, said she did not know about the fire hydrant that was running a few blocks up from her house.

Caston, too, did not get a notification about the water outage.

Patricia Flemming, a long-time Broadmoor resident, said she was tired of the constant problems with Broadmoor water.

“I wish we could just switch to Adams County Water,” she said.

Broadmoor Utility coverage neighbors Adams County Water Association coverage, but does not provide sewage hookup in the Broadmoor areas.