Residents offer help with trash

Published 12:01 am Thursday, December 21, 2017

Having garbage picked up once per week in the City of Natchez is more than acceptable, particularly if doing so brings back curbside recycling.

That was the message heard from residents who spoke up at Tuesday’s public forum to discuss the City of Natchez’s garbage pickup plans.

Currently city residents have two collection days per week, which many residents said is overkill, particularly for those who recycle.

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City leaders were seeking the public’s input ahead of the creation of a new request for proposal the city aims to create in the coming months.

The goal should be to improve service and bring back curbside recycling.

We believe the city would also be wise to consider whether or not it makes sense to simply take on the garbage and recycling collection duties similar to what Vidalia does across the river.

Doing so may not be cost-effective, but if the city hasn’t run the numbers to see, it may never know.

Additionally, we would love for the city to consider ways to include bulk trash pick up days into the plan to help residents who need to dispose of large, bulky item such as furniture, large limbs or even old broken toys. Perhaps once a month or once a quarter would be sufficient for these needs.

Ideally the agreement may also seek the companies interested in the garbage collection to have an annual day on which household chemicals could be collected as well. Thousands of residents in the area probably have half-filled gallons of old paint or cleaners that should be properly disposed of, but that have no good way to do so.

Regardless of whether those ideas can be realized or not, listening to residents should help give city leaders some good direction as they begin the garbage proposals process.