The Dart: Natchez man helps neighbor with plumbing after freezing temperatures

Published 12:21 am Monday, January 8, 2018


NATCHEZ — For Jimell Warfield and Tammy Green, life is about who they know.

When The Dart landed Friday on Old Washington Road in Natchez, Warfield was helping Green — who owns and lives in the house next door — clear the pipelines that run water to her house.

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After sub-freezing temperatures swept through the Miss-Lou for the majority of this past week, Green said she was having trouble with her plumbing and knew just who to call.

“I’m blessed to have a neighbor like him,” Green said. “He helps me out all the time, and he’s not expensive so it’s really nice to have.

“We’ve never had this much cold weather. We didn’t even have winter last year.”

While living in her house for the last five years, Green said Warfield has helped her with everything from electrical work to building and construction maintenance.

Warfield said since Green is just as friendly, he does not mind watching out for his neighbor.

“I like to help people who like to help themselves,” he said. “We are in a time of need. Right now there is not enough love in the world, so it makes me feel good to help people who are out there trying to make an honest living.”

Often Green can be out for more than 12 hours a day at her job as a correctional officer at the Adams County Correctional Facility, so Warfield watches out then, too.

“I make sure no one comes up on the hill (of her house) because people can break in,” he said. “If my dog starts barking, that’s when I know when to come out and look.”

Throughout their friendship, Green has done her part to help Warfield as well. Before closing down in May 2016, the two both worked at Vidalia Apparel, a branch of Fruit of the Loom. Green was a supervisor for 12 years, while Warfield worked as a driver for approximately 4 years.

“I kind of helped to get him the job over there because I had been there so long,” Green said. “It goes both ways.”

Friday afternoon Green said the plumbing problems were repaired. If any more problems arise, however, Green said she was not worried.

“I am glad I don’t have to look for people to do everything,” she said. “All I have to do is call next door. Just looking out for your neighbor is a good thing to do.”