Be safe, patient with during winter weather

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter weather across the area can have crippling, even deadly effects on our community, particularly if we do not use caution, care and common sense.

Our region has certainly seen its share of winter weather this year, having already experienced snow twice.

Today’s forecast calls for temperatures to again remain at or below freezing all day. Temperatures are not expected to rise appreciably above the freezing mark until Thursday.

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After the spitting snow we received on Tuesday, this means a high likelihood will exist that areas of some roadways will have icy patches resulting in dangerous travel.

Southerners typically do not have to drive in such conditions so we’re often unaccustomed to doing so. Common sense applied here can save much headache and perhaps injury or even death.

First, if you do not absolutely have to get out on the roadways today, stay home.

The safest place to be when roads are potentially icy is not behind the wheel of a car.

If driving is an absolute must, slow down, as speed and a lack of traction are deadly.

Allow more space between vehicles than usual since stopping distances may be greatly reduced and finally use the brakes earlier than normal and more gently than normal to avoid skids and slides.

With some patience, common sense and caution, we can work through this nasty bit of winter weather safely and get one day closer to the spring weather ahead.