Police chief: Roads slick, open in icy weather

Published 9:06 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong said Wednesday that though no roads are closed, conditions are icy and potentially dangerous.

Armstrong said the likelihood of ice increases in shaded areas where a tree or overpass shields the road from direct sunlight.

All bridges, too, are still open, but Armstrong said to take particular care not to brake or accelerate while crossing the bridge, as it could cause wheels to lose grip.

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Armstrong said there were six motor vehicle accidents between Wednesday morning and Tuesday afternoon, but no one has yet been injured.

Armstrong implored residents to drive with caution and use safe following distances, if they must drive at all.

Also as a result of the weather conditions, Armstrong said two people are currently using the Safe Room’s emergency homeless shelter and three people are taking shelter in Zion Chapel.