Thanks to supervisors for opening up shelter

Published 12:01 am Friday, January 19, 2018

Adams County Supervisors deserve warm “thank you” for stepping up for people who likely will never cast a ballot for them and may never pay a penny of county property tax, but are very much human beings worthy of our love, respect and care.

Supervisors declared a state of emergency earlier this week and forced a temporary storm shelter to be opened to provide a warm place away from the winter storm that sent temperatures last week into record lows.

Supervisors unanimously made the decision after District 4 Supervisor Ricky Gray asked the county’s emergency management director if homeless people had any place to seek refuge from the bitterly cold temperatures.

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A local church that was gracious enough to open its doors was the only option.

Supervisors discussed the matter and questioned why the more than $3 million safe room could not be used as a temporary shelter.

Eventually, supervisors just made a decision and in doing, so showed true leadership and caring.

As District 1 Mike Lazarus said “I believe in playing by the rules, but sometimes my common sense takes over.”

He and other supervisors showed they had a heart for people, too.

All too often government is operated by a set or rules that can, at times need to be bent, particularly when lives are on the line and this past week’s wickedly bitter cold was certainly such an occasion.

Thank you to supervisors for proving that all people still matter to them.