Mims was father, husband, pilot, much more

Published 12:46 am Monday, January 29, 2018

This past week, Bob Mims of Natchez, a devoted father and husband, WW2 bomber pilot and POW, passed. He was a member of the Greatest Generation, those who grew up in the adversity of the Depression and whose sacrifice in the war saved the world from the terror of the Nazis and the Japanese. Today, our children and grandchildren enjoy the benefits of a good life, based in part on the struggles and victories of that generation and the men and women like Bob. After the war, that generation built the world’s most successful nation in the history of mankind.

Despite the struggles and setbacks, or maybe because of them, Bob maintained a good sense of humor with an ever-present smile. As Bob aged, he learned to appreciate the attention he received for being a pilot and a POW, knowing he was an inadvertent and living symbol for those Americans lost in the war, the guys and gals who didn’t make it home.

We also remember Bob as an individual, a loving family man, a hard-working and successful businessman, a good guy, whose positive attitude and strength of character set an example for us all. He brought joy to his family and his community. God bless Bob Mims.
Peter Rinaldi

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Former Natchez resident