Seminary offering Biblical courses

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Mississippi Baptist College and  Seminary Extension located in the Fellowship Hall of the Christian Hope Church classes began Monday.  The school is in its ninth year and continues to provides Christian educational opportunities for those interested in working in the church. The classes are not limited to ministers and pastors only. Sunday school teachers, bible study leaders, deacons, deaconess, youth leaders, superintendent and anyone who has a desire to learn more about the Bible will certainly benefit from taking classes at the extension.

Day and evening classes are offered this semester.

The Seminary and Bible College Extension began here in Natchez in the spring of 2008 in the Christian Hope Baptist Church fellowship hall.  It began with only one teacher the Rev. John Scott. Three teachers have been added to the staff since the first, semester, the Rev. Dennis Flach, the Rev. Charles Chandler and Sister Linda Logan. Sister Theresa Hall serves as the registrar of the seminary.  Students have received associate and bachelor degrees since the beginning of the seminary.  The graduation exercises are always held in Jackson where the main campus is located.

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Fellowship is an element that students look forward to week after week. Taking classes at the school creates an environment where people who are like minded can come together and fellowship with one another. They share past and present experiences, family stories, especially stories concerning grand-children and other family members. They get to know people from other churches who may be serving in the same role that they are serving in at their church.

A student may enroll in a degree or non-degree program. Three hours of credit are granted for each class going towards a degree or certificate in a chosen field of study. The courses being offered this semester include: New Testament Survey II, World Religion, Church Polity, Christian Education and English I.

Please consider taking a class or two this semester. Former and present students find the classes challenging and also rewarding. Students often admit that, “they did not know how much they did not know before coming to school.” The classroom setting allows students to interact with one another by sharing thoughts, asking questions and listening to the experiences of others.

Churches may wish to invest in the future of their church by financially supporting one of their members to attend the school.  Churches may also wish to make a donation to the school, which is most needed, to cover the cost of materials, housing and to help with student tuition cost. The school has four  qualified teachers (master level graduates from an accredited institution) who continue to teach for a stipend.

If you desire more information please write us at 301 LaSalle Street, Natchez, MS 39120 or call us at 601-445-5995, 601-431-4385 or you may email us at
The Rev. John Scott Jr. continues to serve as dean of the extension.