New boutique and sweet shop to open on Carter Street

Published 10:37 pm Saturday, February 17, 2018

by Sabrina Simms

VIDALIA — A one-stop-shop for elegant clothes, cakes, sweets, and frozen treats is coming soon to Vidalia.

Laurie Pinckney and Antionette Shields, co-owners of A & L Sweet Boutique, plan to open their store at 1642 Carter St. Suite 5 in mid-March.

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Merchandise will include clothes, Paparazzi brand jewelry, hats and accessories.

“We will try to cater to church people with church outfits,” Pinckney said. “We have the hats up already. We’ll have church suits for ladies and suits for men.”

Pinckney said suit prices may start at $79 and hats at $59. Paparazzi’s Zi signature jewelry sets will be $25 each with separate jewelry pieces starting at $5 each.

A sweet shop at the back of the boutique will offer candy and other treats.  A small snow cone will cost $2.50, $3.50 for a medium and $4.50 for a large.

Pinckney said the idea came from the community’s need for different clothing styles everyone can enjoy.

“We went shopping a little while back, trying to find some church clothes,” Pinckney said. “(Antionette) likes long skirts below the knee and the jacket to match it — You can’t find that in the department stores anymore. All they have are young people trends—only skirts and blouses — no suits, nothing elegant.”

Shields owned a small boutique that she operated from her car and home, but this is her first in-store business. She said there will be something for everyone to enjoy — adults and children.

“We’ll have not only choice clothes but trendy clothes, too,” Shields said.

“We want to target not just middle-aged and older, but we want some of the younger people to come in and see some of their fashion. We also are going to have some plus-size clothes and exclusives. … You wont be able to go to the regular department stores and find what we have. We’ll get items from New York, New Jersey, California and Dallas.”

Shields said the boutique will host live fashion shows to allow customers to see and order merchandise online.

“Live shows will be made public on social media,” Shields said. “We’ll have live jewelry shows and clothes shows. … People can order from us through Paypal or Square (mobile payments).”

She said customers can stay entertained even if they are not shopping for clothes.

“If a parent comes in and says ‘I want to browse,’ the kids can sit in the waiting area and enjoy their snow cone while the parent is shopping,” Shields said. “We’re also going to have free coffee so the husband can relax while his wife shops.”

She said the sweet shop will later allow customers to pre-order specialty cakes. Exclusive, gourmet candy will be made in-store. Snow cones will be served in a plastic flower-shaped cup. Sugar free snow cones and fresh fruit will also be available to customers for healthy alternatives.

Shields said the boutique will employ two or three people to allow more jobs into the community.

“I think this is a great opportunity for this city to have something unique,” Shields said.

Pinckney is in the process of creating a website, Facebook page and Instagram for the boutique, but can now be reached at 601-807-3650 for more information.