Construction of new Kingston Community Center to start soon

Published 1:34 am Sunday, February 25, 2018

by Sabrina Simms

Natchez — Reconstruction of the new and improved Kingston Community Center will soon be under way.

Adams County District 2 Supervisor David Carter said tree cutting and ground leveling for the new building will begin this weekend for construction to commence in March.

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The new building will replace the former community center that was destroyed by a fire in September 2016.

Carter said construction should take 120 to 150 days to complete. He said the new building will be modernized, have low maintenance and more floor space than the original building.

“Many of our senior citizens actually went to school there, so it’s nice to give something back to the community. It will have a similar resemblance to the old building with a modern look.”

Carter said new additions to the building include better acoustics, nicer bathrooms and a large back porch. He said the playground and other outside additions will not be added during this phase, but may be discussed by the board of supervisors at a later date.

Carter said the project will cost $223,000, part of which will be covered by $92,000 received from insurance and additional donations and contributions.

“It’s taken a long time,” Carter said. “I think the public will be extremely happy with the new building. It will host as many, and more, happy memories as it did in the past.”