Local, state, federal agents search six separate locations

Published 12:58 am Saturday, March 3, 2018


NATCHEZ — Dozens and dozens of local, state and federal law enforcement officers converged on six locations in Natchez and Adams County before dawn Friday morning, reportedly confiscating money, seizing vehicles but making no apparent arrests. The operation was part of an investigation into “violations of various state laws,” the Adams County Sheriff’s Office reported. No further details were provided, but the presence of state narcotics agents seemed to indicate a drug operation might have been a target. Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten said sheriff’s deputies along with law enforcement officers with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Mississippi Highway Patrol and Mississippi Highway Patrol Special Operations Group arrived at the junction of Ann Holdens Lane and Johnson Street in Natchez before daylight to conduct a search warrant.

The address of the residence searched is 301 Johnson Street.

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Officers bearing the insignia of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were also on scene on Ann Holdens Lane. Federal agents may indicate the suspected criminal activity being investigated is either large in scope or potentially crosses state lines.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics officers also executed a warrant in Wilkinson County in relation to the same investigation.

The residence on Ann Holdens Lane was one of six locations wherein law enforcement gathered evidence.

Law enforcement officers poised at each of the locations executed the search warrants simultaneously, Patten said.

Patten said although he could not release the exact address of the residences, he could release the street names.

Law enforcement searched residences on Pilgrim Boulevard, Oakland Drive, Lower Woodville Road, Gardner Circle and Tate Road along with the Ann Holdens location.

Patten said the locations were all a part of a single, ongoing investigation.

“We are currently evaluating any and all evidence collected and will make decisions on possible charges after consultation with the district attorney’s office and any other agencies having an interest in our findings,” Patten said in a statement.

No arrests were made at any of the seven locations, Patten said, but the investigation is still active.

Adams County tax records, indicate the owner of the Ann Holdens Lane residence is Doretha Brown. The adjacent property, which is undeveloped, belongs to Kevin and Doretha Singleton, tax records indicate. At the residence on Ann Holden Lane, a sign near the drive said “DB Full of Fashion Boutique & Beauty Salon.”

The same salon is listed on Facebook as belonging to Doretha Brown-Singleton.

KDS Trucking LLC, a local trucking company, was registered in 2015 with the secretary of state’s office under the name of Kevin Napoleon Singleton, with Doretha Brown Singleton and Kevin Napoleon Singleton listed as the officers and director of the company.

Though Patten would not release any information about the evidence gathered at the scene on Ann Holden Lane, witnesses at the scene said they saw officers carrying away “bags of money” along with other items.

Several vehicles were towed away from the residence in the course of the search warrant’s execution.

Among the vehicles confiscated by the sheriff’s office: a red Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, a white Dodge Ram truck, a black SUV, a white Chevrolet Camaro, a motorcycle and a two-seated three-wheeler.