Thanks for support of Tour 2018

Published 12:01 am Sunday, April 22, 2018

Natchez United and the Natchez-Adams County Educational Development Foundation are encouraged by the outpouring of support and participation from local Career Professionals for our Middle School Career Exploration Event. The event is planned for May 15 and is being referenced as Tour 2018 — Passport to the World of Work in Natchez-Adams County.

As we mentioned several months ago, the goal of this event is to inspire students to start considering “what could be” in the area of Natchez-Adams County careers. We wanted to thank some of those professionals who have been participating in the planning of this event by informing you of their involvement.

Our Sponsoring Partners:

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Ida Anderson and the NASD P-16 Council working to engage the school community

Debbie Hudson and the Natchez Chamber of Commerce working to engage career professionals

Dr. Teresa Busby and Zach Moulds, both from CoLin Natchez, as well as, Beverly Adams & Dr. Joey Mitchell, both from ASU, who are supporting the event in many ways including providing their campuses as the venue!

Arts & Humanities:

John Grady Burns, the Nest, with a time-lapse video to demonstrate his trade in floral design

Jim Smith, Natchez Architectural and Art Discoveries, with samples of artifacts and artistic décor accents

JoAnn Brumfield, the Natchez Grand, highlighting the hospitality industry

Sammy Qadan, Lynn Beach Smith, and other musicians performing their talents as career opportunities

Sarah Anne Winchester, Natchez Pottery resident artist, presenting the world of clay

Rebecca Martin-Anderson, Grand Village of Natchez Indians, with local culture

Melissa Tynes, Natchez National Historic Parks, with local and national history


Ron Hall, Natchez Airport Director, with drones and air-traffic controller computer simulations


Carl Clark, insurance representative, building an awareness for a career in insurance sales

Doug McCallister, Veterans Assistance, with information on community service businesses


Mark LaFrancis, coordinating this area and of photography/print media, live video, and journalistic exposure

Dr. Freda Lawrence, local Media Professional, focusing on media coverage

We are working to get a news team from Jackson’s WLBT to assist Dr. Lawrence in covering the event

Engineering & Technology:

Dr. Prentiss McLin, the Thurgood Marshall Foundation, has been in communications to bring robotics demonstrations

Fire & EMS:

Patricia Lozon, Air-Evac, bringing a medical evacuation helicopter to the lawn for an up-close view.

Bennie Boone, AMR, with an ambulance and additional explanation of the 911 system process.

Health Care:

Dr. Spring, dean of the ASU School of Nursing, and Dr. Rebecca Fairchild, assistant dean, have committed their hospital/clinic simulation areas for the tour. Delores Williams, Instructor, has pledged to host tours of this area to introduce students to opportunities in the field of nursing.

Cheryl Sanford Givens, Physical Therapist, bringing awareness to her career

Law & Government:

City Alderwoman Sarah Smith and County Supervisors Rickey Gray and David Carter, communicating with us regularly exploring ways to involve their teams

Sgts Antonio Haynes and Zachary Smith, U.S. Army Recruiters, bringing an armed forces presence. They plan to help engage others from the armed forces area in this event.

Clarence Chatman, representing the Natchez National Cemetery and plans to provide information regarding the potential careers relative to his organization.

Law Enforcement:

Paulette Benefield, core civic director of human resources at the Natchez Correctional Facility, as well as Aisha Norma and Chasity Ellis-Wyatt, also in HR, bringing their career presence to the Tour


We have asked CoLin to help us get their science departments into the mix by allowing students to tour their labs and become aware of the opportunities in their programs.

Skilled Trades:

Carl Clark, local landscaper, demonstrating outdoor beautification and upkeep.

We have also asked CoLin to help us get their technology departments into the mix by allowing students to tour their training facilities.

Social Services:

Neifa Hardy and Dennis Harried, Helping Hands Counseling, explaining the area of personal counseling

Michael Gray, Mental Health Professional, engaging more mental health representatives and coordinating supplemental internal communications efforts

If you believe your career should be represented and introduced to students, please contact us at and come to our weekly meetings, Tuesdays at 6 p.m., Grand Hotel, and like our Facebook group and page for updates on our efforts.

Marvin H. Jeter III, Ph.D. is a consultant for the Natchez-Adams County Educational Development Foundation.