Burglars hit parish, Natchez pawnshops

Published 12:01 am Saturday, April 28, 2018

NATCHEZ — Pawnshops were burglarized early Friday on both sides of the river.

Whether the burglaries are connected is still under investigation, officials say.

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Multiple suspects broke into a Ridgecrest pawnshop just after midnight Friday, Concordia Parish Chief Deputy David Hedrick said.

Multiple suspects were caught on camera using an unknown object to knock a hole in the wall of Old River Guns, Hedrick said.

Suspects did take something from the business, but Hedrick said he would not disclose what the item or items were.

“It could hurt the investigation to reveal too much,” Hedrick said. “We are diligently seeking the perpetrators in order to bring them to justice.”

Hedrick said his officers are currently reviewing evidence that will, hopefully, lead to arrests in the near future.

Just a few hours after the parish break-in, Natchez police officers responded to an alarm approximately 2 a.m. at the Natchez Pawnshop on John R. Junkin Drive, Natchez Police Capt. Scott Frye said.

Frye said the front entry door of the business had been damaged and that several weapons were stolen from the pawnshop.

Weapons not in the business’ inventory also were found in the building, Frye said, and police believe they could belong to the burglars.

Frye and Hedrick said they could not comment on whether the two pawnshop burglaries were connected, but Frye said the possibility of a connection is being investigated.

Frye said the Natchez Police Department is requesting any assistance the public may give, and said anyone with information may contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 601-442-5000.