New name, same game: Miss-Lou Saints rebrand, prepare for forthcoming season

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 29, 2018

Saturday proved to be a day of relaxation for 2nd2None Sports as upward of 30 young athletes and their parents gathered at Providence Park for a sunny spring cookout.

While some took cover under shady trees, many partook in a pick-up game of flag football. And behind it all, director Patrick Davis is looking ahead to the fall season.

“We should be ready to play by August,” he said. “

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Davis’ youth football league has recently changed its name to Warriors Elite — previously the Miss-Lou Saints — to match the rest of his leagues.

With a new brand, Davis said, will come new uniforms complete with the newly recognized royal blue. Despite the change, he wants people to know the organization is still the same.

“We haven’t totally gone away from our roots with black and gold,” he said. “It’s not going away.”

Along with the new name, Davis has also established a coalition with other local youth football teams in an attempt to cut down on travel expenses.

The name is Where Children Come First, or WCCF, and includes teams from surroundings areas such as Woodville, as well as two other Natchez teams — the Falcons and the newly formed Cowboys.

“It really cuts down on travel and keeps us closer to home,” Davis said. “Since there were so many in the area, we just decided to put them all together. It helps the community all the way around.”

Davis said the administration duties of WCCF have already been distributed and the next step is to finalize a set of rules for the league.

“All we are doing now is establishing the rules on the field,” he said.

Davis said while he continues work to put things in their place, he hasn’t gone without help. Many parents chipped in on Saturday to form a flag football team to play against the young athletes.

“We just want to get them all together and do what we need to do to get ready,” he said. “Right now, our coaching staff is around eight to 10. They work hard.”

Additionally, the Warriors this year will have a team for ages 5 and 6 to play flag football, while previous teams from ages 6 to 12 will still play with pads and a helmet.

“This will actually teach the younger ones how to play the game instead of getting their heads knocked all around,” Davis said. “

Overall, Davis said he is simply excited to get the gears rolling.

“Football will be here before we know it,” he said.