Great job, Miss-Lou Relay for Life

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Stories of triumph, success and tragedy were represented Friday night as hundreds of people gathered for the annual Miss-Lou Relay for Life.

Participants recognized and remembered friends, family members and loved ones who have survived, or succumbed to, cancer.

The event, held at the Concordia Parish Recreation District No. 3 complex, raised $21,000 on Friday night alone and a total of approximately $136,000 for the entire event, with more than 30 teams participating.

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The money raised at the event will go to good use through the American Cancer Society, which uses the proceeds for research, education, advocacy and service to help people who have cancer and to help find a cure.

The American Cancer Society Research Program in its existence has provided 938 grants worth $450 million dollars that have been used to help with every major cancer breakthrough to date.
The work of the American Cancer Society was on display at Friday night’s event not only through the stories survivors relate about the help and funding provided them in overcoming the disease but also in the stories of loved ones who succumbed to the disease.

One such survivor was Ramee Thompson, who lost a son to cancer and another one who overcame cancer only to die later in an automobile accident.

Their stories are a testament to the good work of the Relay for Life events held nationwide to support and fund the American Cancer Society’s important work and also are an inspiration to people who are currently fighting their own battles with cancer.

Miss-Lou should be proud of its involvement, which for 2017 was the highest per-capita participation in the nation for a Relay for Life event.

This year came close to the previous year’s success, and we commend organizers, participants, volunteers and the survivors for another great Miss-Lou Relay for Life.