Moped driver busted for pot

Published 12:29 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NATCHEZ — A Natchez man surprised veteran law enforcement officers when they found three bags of marijuana hidden underneath the seat of his moped during a traffic stop May 3.

As a result of that traffic stop, Police arrested 30-year-old Dewayne M. Young, 207-B Dumas Drive, Tuesday on a warrant for felony possession of marijuana.

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The unusual mode of carrying the drugs was a first for Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

“I’ve been in law enforcement a long time,” Armstrong said. “I’ve seen people with possession of marijuana, but this is the first time — that I know of — of someone to be arrested for riding a moped while in possession of a large amount of marijuana.”

What began as a traffic stop for not having motor vehicle tags on May 3 near Cathedral School turned into a drug seizure after Natchez Police officer Thomas Borum smelled marijuana coming from the moped.

Young first denied having possession of any drugs, but after being pressed multiple times by the officer, Young lifted up the seat of his moped and pulled out a bag of marijuana, as shown by footage from Borum’s body camera.

Borum then asks, “You want to give me the rest of it, or you want to go to jail?”

In response to the second part of the question, Young says “No, sir,” and then pulled more of the substance out from under the seat.

Putting aside the unusual mode of transporting the drugs, Armstrong commended Borum for being attentive and preventing the drugs from spreading through the community.

“We were just glad we were able to get that off the street, and it didn’t make it into the hands of our youth or our community people,” Armstrong said.

After his arrest Tuesday, officers transferred Young to the Adams County Jail, where he was later released after posting bond.