Parking lot closed

Published 12:33 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NATCHEZ — Signs reading “Private Property: No Trespassing” now block off a parking lot located on the Natchez bluff next to the old Broadway Street Depot.

The parking lot has been open to the public for years and had been a spot that tourists frequent to get a good view of the river and the parking lot has access to a walking trail that goes down along the riverfront.

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The lot, however, is not public property.

Callon family descendants via Riverside Properties LLC own the land, and the lot was roped off late Tuesday afternoon, though officials are mum on the reason for the sudden restrictions.

Attorney Scott Slover, who represents Riverside Properties, said he could not comment on the matter.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been authorized to speak on that at all,” Slover said.

When asked if the lot would be roped off for a certain period of time, Slover reiterated that he was not authorized to comment. He also said the two managers in charge of the property, Cane and Lindsey Callon, would also not be able to comment.

Natchez Mayor Darryl Grennell said he met Tuesday with Slover regarding the matter, though he also could provide little insight.

“Not at the moment, because I don’t know much at the moment,” Grennell said.

Resident Carolyn Yelverton said she had just gone to the post office one block up on Canal Street on Tuesday afternoon when she noticed someone sectioning off the lot.

“I said, ‘You mean people can’t park there anymore?’” Yelverton said.

Yelverton said she then had to go to another area of the bluff to walk her dog to avoid the area.

Though the lot had no signage to ward off public parking prior to Tuesday, the Callon family has owned the parking lot for years.