Cherish memories of Trinity school

Published 12:29 am Sunday, May 20, 2018

All across the country, newly minted high school graduates are preparing to head into adulthood.

Few of those graduates, however, must also watch their alma mater close in the process.

Trinity Episcopal Day School’s 2018 class will hold such a unique position having graduated from the school on the very day the school closes its doors.

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Trinity graduates, the current ones as well as the legacy ones, should hold their heads high realizing some amazing students walked through its halls and some incredible teachers taught in the school’s classrooms through its history.

Like students from North Natchez and South Natchez high schools, which were merged into a single school, those graduates will lose a small sense of their educational history, but the buildings and the institutions are not nearly as important as the lessons learned in high school.

Those lessons range from theoretical classroom lessons to practical life lessons, but all help build a student one layer at a time.

The relationships students and faculty have with one another cannot be diminished by the closure of the school either.

Trinity Episcopal Day School had a long run, a run filled with dozens of academic scholars and athletic champions. Those memories will live for many, many years to come.