Making Waves: Pearl Street Pasta added to state seafood trail

Published 8:59 am Sunday, May 20, 2018

NATCHEZ — Pearl Street Pasta is now on Mississippi’s Seafood Trail.

Established in 2014 by the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association, the Seafood Trail promotes restaurants that serve wild-caught, genuine Gulf seafood.

The Seafood Trail lists 89 different restaurants from throughout Mississippi, including six in Natchez: Magnolia Grill, Paddlewheel Seafood and Grill, Restaurant 1818 at Monmouth, Rolling River Bistro, The Castle and newly added Pearl Street Pasta.

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Pearl Street Pasta is an American- and Italian-style restaurant that has been owned and operated by John and Malan Parks since 2015 when the couple bought the restaurant seeing new potential on the menu.

Malan Parks said she and her husband added a new variety to the cuisine Pearl Street already offered.

“We added to the menu and put more items that were not pasta to give it more variety,” Parks said.

Parks said they added both hearty and healthy options such as filet mignon, salads, redfish and more — to which their customers did not object.

Parks said she remembers getting a compliment from a Vidalia man whose mother is Italian and prepares meals from scratch.

“We’re excited to have Pearl Street and add new things to the menu,” Parks said. “My husband is an excellent cook … We provide a variety of foods … the salmon salad being the most popular.”

Pearl Street Pasta offers both old and new dishes with seafood cuisine in addition to the original Italian favorites. Menu items are priced from about $4 to $34 and include blackened tuna, grilled redfish and various shrimp and salmon dishes. They also have a creamy and cheesy blend of shrimp, crab and crawfish over cheese ravioli.

Parks said she loves having tourists visit the restaurant and hearing their feedback, but also greatly appreciates the returning local guests.

“We appreciate our locals,” Parks said. “(Natchez is) known as a tourist town but we still love to have the people at home come back to eat with us.”

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday. The hours are Monday through Thursday extend until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. For more information, call 601-442-9284.