Trump honors 2 students

Published 12:23 am Wednesday, May 30, 2018

NATCHEZ — Two Natchez students received awards signed personally by President Donald Trump for their academic achievements this year.

Allison Jowers, principal of the Ombudsman Alternative Center, announced the students’ awards Tuesday at the Natchez-Adams School District board meeting, saying both students had earned the honors through their hard work and dedication to education.

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Briana White, who graduated high school Friday, received the outstanding academic achievement award from the President’s Education Awards Program, and Jaila Queen, a freshman, won the outstanding academic excellence award.

Both also received signed letters from Trump.

“Mrs. Trump and I are proud to join your family, friends, and teachers in celebrating this outstanding achievement,” Trump’s letter said. “Through hard work and perseverance in the classroom, you have earned this great honor and set your path towards an even brighter future.”

Jowers told the board members that the educational excellence award was established to recognize students who have achieved high academic goals through their hard work and dedication to learning.

The educational achievement award recognizes students who show outstanding growth or commitment.

The awards program was founded in 1983 and has recognized students across the nation every year since. 

The board members applauded and congratulated both students for their honor.

The students also received a letter from Betsy Devos, the United States Secretary of Education.

“As we celebrate this accomplishment, I also encourage you to continue on the path that led to your selection,” Devos wrote in her letter. “Education is a lifelong process of learning and discovery that offers unlimited rewards for those who thirst for knowledge and are willing to work hard.”

Superintendent Fred Butcher also congratulated Jowers for her dedication to students.

“I’d also like to commend Mrs. Jowers, she’s taking to climbing a mountain that has not been climbed in a while,” Butcher said. “I want to commend her for that.”