Firefighter writes children’s book, stories

Published 12:01 am Saturday, June 16, 2018


The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — Alphonso Stokes Jr., a two year veteran of the Natchez Fire Department, has another talent he has been exercising in his spare time – writing.

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“Writing is one of my natural talents,” Stokes said. “I believe it is a gift from Jehovah God.”

For several years Stokes has shared his poetic skills with friends and family on Facebook, where he writes under the trademarked name Phonzey the Poet.

His newest project is a children’s book titled: New Times, New Nursery Rhymes. Its release is set for the first quarter of 2019.

Stokes said he was inspired to use his God-given talents to create the book in order to give children something new and different from the same stories he heard when he was a child.

“I hope to inspire and entertain a lot of little kids with my book,” Stokes said. “I want every kid to have a copy of my book, so it will be very affordable.”

The book is currently in the hands of the publishing company, Newman Springs, but Stokes has gotten feedback about his work already from his girlfriend, Janet Latreese Brooks and her son, Aezirah.

“They (the stories) are amazing,” Brooks said of Stokes’ trademarked book and characters. “My favorite story is about a little girl, Colory, who teaches the children about their colors in such a creative way.”

Brooks said her son enjoys having the stories read to him. Two of his favorite trademarked characters include Alpha Bettiey and Numbers Mann. The characters help children learn the alphabet and numbers, respectively.

In fact, the book will contain a total of 23 original nursery rhymes and 24 original characters.

Stokes said he hopes the book will motivate children to learn and keep them entertained in the process.

He has a great deal of support from family and friends.

“My family and my coworkers love my writing,” Stokes said. “They tell me to keep going and keep doing what I do.”

Stokes also has been in contact with a major children’s entertainment company about his book as well, but the details are not finalized at this time.

His desire to help people, Stokes said, has influenced his life as a fireman and as a writer. As he anticipates success with his first book, he does have plans to work on more books in the future.

Stokes is a Natchez native and member of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.