The Dart: Making memories at Memorial park

Published 12:01 am Monday, August 27, 2018

NATCHEZ — When The Dart landed on Memorial park Sunday afternoon, Teresa Busby was there making memories with two of her grandsons.

“It’s just nice to get out of the house for the day,” Busby said, as Gabe Groue, 9, and Noah Groue, 6, looked into the fountain and pointed at all the fish. “Now we’re just out exploring.”

Busby said she was hoping they would find some of Historic Jefferson College’s little green chessmen hidden in the park.

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Historic Jefferson College currently has 50 green chessmen hidden in downtown Natchez, and finding one wins free ticket to the college’s History Mystery program, in which participants solve a mystery at the historic college.

“Some people I worked with … they went, because you can do it as a professional development activity, and they loved it,” Busby said of the mystery program. “So I thought I’d try to take my family.”

While Noah Groue said he enjoys watching shows and playing with his toys his older brother, Gabe Groue, said he is interested in both science and history.

“I like studying everything about it,” Gabe Groue said, while flipping through the pages of his science book. Gabe Groue said he also had a book on the Titanic and that “Titanic” is his favorite movie.

“We watch it every day,” Busby said. “In the car we have his Titanic coins he got for his birthday, and a piece of coal brought up from the Titanic wreck.”

Busby said eventually she would like to take Gabe to the Titanic Museum but for now they would just enjoy Natchez for the day.

Busby said she believes it is important to actively make memories with her grandchildren so they can remember all the places they visited together.

“Natchez is so beautiful but when you live here, you don’t always take advantage of it because you see it everyday,” Busby said. “I want them to have these memories.”