Courthouse security ideas make sense

Published 11:54 pm Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Adams County’s decision to bolster security at the county courthouse is wise and prudent.

Beginning next week some of the doors that traditionally had been open for public access will be closed to help sheriff’s deputies keep better watch on security at the facility.

Two entrances the primary entrance on Market Street and the entrance on Wall Street will remain open.

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In addition, anyone entering the courthouse may be subject to search.

The move comes after concerns around the country over the security of public buildings — and public servants.

A recent shooting at a municipal facility in Pennsylvania underscored the need for the change in policy.

For many years, deputies have prevented people from going to the second floor of the courthouse — location of courtrooms — with cell phones or anything remotely resembling a weapon.

The county also is working to consider another move in the name of safety — moving Adams County Justice Court from its current, cramped quarters across the street from the courthouse to the second-floor of the primary courthouse.

The move would give justice court workers, those with business before the court and others more room to breathe as well as providing better security in a court where tempers often run high due to the nature of the charges heard there.

Both changes seem logical and sound, and we applaud the county for working to keep the community and those doing business in the courthouse safe.