Bright Future: ACCS senior prepares for New Year’s Day in London

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, October 3, 2018


NATCHEZ— Mattie Page Pintard, a senior at Adams County Christian School, has a bright future ahead of her as she prepares for a cheerleading performance in the New Year’s Day parade in London, England.

Pintard is the captain of the ACCS cheer team and will be traveling to London with her best friend since second grade, Jewel King, Pintard said.

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“At cheer camp this past summer (in Panama City), I was nominated and tried out and made the All-American team,” she said. “I will be attending the London New Year’s Day parade this New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.”

Pintard said she has tried out for the All-American team every year since she was in seventh grade and made it three out of four years. This will be her first year to travel with the All-American team, she said.

“Every year, you have the opportunity to go to some kind of event whether it’s Disney World, London or the Macy’s Day parade. We (King and I) decided to wait until this year to go to the bigger event in London. … We’ll go on tours and actually get to perform in the parade with costumes and everything.”

Pintard said, apart from academics, cheer is her passion. She enjoys being tossed in the air, performing stunts and even choreographing dances for pep rallies.

“Cheer is my thing, over any kind of sport,” Pintard said. “I like to focus on just that.”

Pintard also is the senior class president, president of the ACCS Key Club and is the winner of the 2018 ACCS Beauty Pageant. Next year, she will crown the 2019 winner of the pageant, she said.

“I love make-up and watching YouTube videos about make-up and fashion,” she said.

Pintard also enjoys reading and enjoys classed in anatomy and physiology and English at ACCS, she said, and hopes to attend either Louisiana State University or the University of Mississippi when she graduates and, one day, run either her own law firm or psychological clinic, like her grandparents Claude Pintard — an attorney at Pintard and Pintard — and the late Patricia Pintard who was a therapist.

“They’ve just always been inspirations in my life,” Pintard said. “My grandmother was raising (five children) while still going to college. I really admire her for that — for providing for her family while still focusing on her degree. … I want to follow in their footsteps, but make it my own path.”

Pintard was raised by her aunt and uncle, Brandyn and Rudy Wilson.