Properly dispose of old pills

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Although the so-called “serious” drugs often make the biggest headlines, among the most sinister drug problem facing our nation is much more prevalent — prescription drug abuse.

Often prescribed for legitimate pain relief needs, these drugs can become highly addictive to some.

And many of us may be inadvertently putting ourselves and those around us at risk — by simply stockpiling such drugs in our medicine cabinets or bathroom drawers.

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Unused drugs, particularly potentially addictive narcotics, do not need to be kept for a rainy day.

You may not realize it, but having those drugs in your house may put your children, grandchildren or guests at risk because children can be tempted to try things and addicts will seek out a fix wherever they can, even if it requires stealing.

Such drugs need to be properly disposed of to avoid their falling into criminal or addicted hands or posing an environmental threat by being tossed in the garbage and winding up on a landfill.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with Merit Health Natchez to provide a safe, secure way for law-abiding citizens to dispose of such medications. We applaud both organizations for seeing the need and moving out on a solution.

Drop off boxes are located in the lobby of the hospital and at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office on State Street downtown.

We may not think of ourselves as having a role to play in the war on drugs, but we do. Properly disposing of prescription medicines is a simple and effective way to make a small, but important, impact on the problem.