Don’t forget to get out and vote

Published 12:01 am Sunday, October 14, 2018

A– All; M – Men; E – Equal; R – Rights; I – In; C – Civics; A – Affairs.

Do we as American citizens understand our responsibilities and duties as American citizens?

November is fast approaching and there is a very important election this year in November.

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We, as actively involved citizens will be expected to cast our votes for the candidate of our choice.

Since our forefathers faced many obstacles and made many sacrifices for us to have the right to vote, it is important that we utilize this precious right and privilege.

It also is necessary for us as informed citizens to encourage others to also do so.

Some people think that their votes simply do not count; however, if you wanted $5 and do not start at $1 first, you would come up short.

I simply want to encourage all eligible voters to please go out and cast your vote in this important election. Every vote does count!

Mildred Chatman,

Natchez resident