The Dart: A day at the park with a granddad and his granddaughter

Published 12:01 am Monday, October 15, 2018

NATCHEZ — On the day set aside for worship Roro Owens said he was thankful for the blessing of his “angel.”

When The Dart landed at North Natchez Park on Sunday afternoon Owens was throwing a softball to his granddaughter, 8-year-old Abrianna Owens.

“That’s my angel,” Roro Owens said. “There’s something special about your grandchildren. It’s a blessing to watch them grow up.”

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Roro Owens said he has been rearing Abrianna Owens since she was a newborn, and when he is not mixing drinks at Monmouth Historic Inn where he has tended bar for 28 years, he is with his grandchildren, Abrianna and her brother, Alfred Owens, 14.

Roro Owens said he enjoys taking them to baseball games, football practice or whatever activity they can find to do together.

“I’m not spoiling her,” Roro Owens said. “She spoils me. I enjoy raising her. She is a great child. It is great watching them grow up from babies to where they are today.”

Roro Owens said he is very proud of his grandchildren, both Abrianna and Alfred Owens, who lives with them also.

Roro Owens said Abrianna Owens is making A’s and B’s in school at Frazier Elementary and recently joined the Golden Strutters dance team.

Alfred Owens attends Natchez Freshman Academy and plays the French horn in the band and he also plays violin and keyboard, Roro Owens said.

“We keep them busy,” Roro Owens said. “They practice every day. Homework and practice always have them doing something.”