Viewfinder: Neighbors enjoy decking halls for Halloween

Published 1:22 am Thursday, October 18, 2018

NATCHEZ — Melinda Thomas and her husband Doug Thomas have lived on the corner of Beechwood Lane and Oakwood Lane for 30 years.

Melinda Thomas was born on Halloween and she said Halloween is her favorite time of year.

Melinda’s love of the season is evident by the elaborate Halloween decorations in the couple’s yard and all the decorations have a story.

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For instance, a portion of the yard is decorated as a graveyard with a skeleton cut in half, lying below a skeleton Melinda calls “Freddy” that is holding a chainsaw.

Melinda said her husband shares her love for all things Halloween.
“He got tired of just handing out candy, so he decided he would dress up and he is now the goriest, ugliest person you have ever seen,” Melinda said. “The next morning (after Halloween) we come out and count how many shoes and how much candy is left in the yard from people running away.”

Melinda said they make sure to get the best candy for the chilren who do make it to the front door.

Melinda’s neighbors across the street, Linda and Dwight Arnold, also decorate their front yard for Halloween.

“We decorate for every occasion,” Linda Arnold said. “It’s been a slow and steady process over the years. We just keep adding to it.”

Linda Arnold said everyone from around the neighbored comes by to see how their yard is decorated. Linda said her husband is the one who does the major decorating, and she just adds the details throughout the yard.

“I just do it, I’m getting slower and slower doing it because I’m getting older and older,” Dwight Arnold said. “I don’t get up and down like I used to but as long as I can, I will.”

Even though the two neighbors are directly across the street from each other, they say they do not view their Halloween decorations as a rivalry.

“Yes we both go all out for the holidays, but its never a competition,” Melinda said. “I’m not trying to keep up with the Arnolds. It is just what I love to do.”