Natchez-Adams County Airport director welcomed

Published 12:04 am Sunday, October 21, 2018


ADAMS COUNTY — The Natchez-Adams County Airport Commission introduced Thursday the recently named a new director of aviation for the airport and welcomed a new commissioner.

The Natchez-Adams County Airport’s new Director of Aviation is Richard Nelson, and the new commissioner is John McCullough.

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Nelson, originally of West Monroe, Louisiana, was director of operations with the Monroe Regional Airport for more than four years. For almost three years, he was the airport security coordinator with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and oversaw the operations of 23 airports in the state.

While Nelson has been in Natchez only two weeks, Clint Pomeroy, airport commission consultant and the retired director of the Natchez-Adams County Airport, said Nelson came into the position eager to get started.

“He’s jumped in with both feet and the first few days were like a fire hose coming at him, but he’s nozzled it down,” Pomeroy said.

Nelson said he is evaluating the Hardy-Anders Field, Natchez-Adams County Airport and will begin a 20-year forecast for growth. Nelson said a master plan would take eight to 12 months to put into place.

“This time next year, we’ll have a good plan of how to move forward,” Nelson said.

In addition to the airport services offered for independent aviation, Nelson said he would like to expand the airport’s capabilities for charter flights.

Meanwhile, new airport commission member, McCullough, said his background is in finance, with 14 years as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch in Lexington, Kentucky.

Originally from Mount Sterling, Kentucky, McCullough lived in Natchez from 1974-1981 and returned in 2000. He is the owner of oil exploration corporation Natchez Exploration LLC.

McCullough said he sees the airport as a boon that could attract one or more large companies.

“My feeling is we have a strip (runway) more than a mile long and there must be some way to attract big business with a strip that long. It’s amazing that a small town has a strip as long as big cities do,” McCullough said.