Severe weather predicted for late Wednesday through Thursday

Published 12:17 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018


NATCHEZ — Likely tornadoes, possible flash flooding and cooler air are predicted to hit the Natchez area late Wednesday through Thursday morning.

Meteorologist Ed Tarver with the National Weather Service’s Jackson office said a strong cold front would be moving through the area from approximately 11 p.m. Wednesday until approximately 6 a.m. Thursday.

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Tarver said the front could bring damaging winds of up to 70 mph with tornadoes likely and strong tornadoes possible.

“In addition to the severe threat, there could be some flash flooding concerns as well with 1- to 3-inches of rain or higher in the storms,” Tarver said.

Tarver said light rain might precede the front.

“There could be some showers possibly moving in, maybe around lunchtime,” Tarver said. “There could be some thunder, but as far as the severe threat it probably won’t be starting up until 11 p.m.”

Tarver said the front would move east with possible showers lingering throughout the day.

Tarver said residents in and around Natchez should find a safe location in case of tornadoes and stay informed through weather radios or weather apps.

“Have the weather radio turned on and have access to a television to keep up with the latest warnings for weather alerts,” Tarver said. “In the event of a tornado, be on the lowest floor possible, in the interior room, or if you have access to underground shelter that’s optimal.”

Tarver said the cold front is not expected to last long.

Tarver said the forecast is for temperatures to dip into the 40s on Thursday and Friday night with a high in the low- to mid-60s on Friday afternoon. Tarver said the temperatures will return to the low- to mid-70s over the weekend.