Last 2 precinct results are in

Published 1:19 am Thursday, November 8, 2018

NATCHEZ — Votes from two precincts were retrieved Wednesday after Adams County Election Commission members said they worked around a computer problem.

In the Concord precinct, 376, or 47.59 percent of the precinct’s 790 registered voters cast ballots.

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In the Liberty Park precinct, 533, or 60.91 percent of the precinct’s 875 registered voters cast ballots.

Adams County’s election results were incomplete Tuesday night due to a memory card error that would not allow the election officials to access cards from the Liberty and Concord voting precincts.

Election commission chairman Larry Gardner said commissioners were able to retrieve the numbers on Wednesday.

“We just worked around it, but we need to get on top of this and get this thing fixed ASAP. It could just be bad cards, the cards are 13 years old,” Gardner said.

Gardner said the commission was still counting an approximate 1,000 affidavit and absentee ballots. Gardner said the approximately 800 absentee ballots cast were much more than the average of 300 to 400 ballots for a typical mid-term election.

The voter turnout Tuesday was 10,098, which is 53.76 percent of Adams County’s 18, 784 registered voters, and Gardner said an approximate 1,000 paper ballots still being tallied are not represented in these numbers.

After the inclusion of results for Concord and Liberty Park precincts, the updated unofficial election results for Adams County:

* In the U.S. Senate race in Adams County, David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, received 5,518 votes, 56.40 percent of the votes cast in Adams County. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., had 4,101 votes to claim 41.92 percent of the vote. Statewide, Wicker retained his Senate seat. Libertarian candidate Danny Bedwell received 1.28 percent with 125 votes. Reform Party candidate Shawn O’Hara received .38 percent with 37 votes.

* In a special election to fill the seat of resigned senator Thad Cochran, R-Miss., statewide results put Democratic candidate Mike Espy and Republican candidate Cindy Hyde Smith in a Nov. 27 runoff. The unofficial leader in Adams County, however, was Espy with 54.66 percent and 5,386 votes. Hyde-Smith had 31.54 percent with 3,108 votes. Republican Chris McDaniel received 11.94 percent with 1,177 votes. Independent candidate Tobey Bernard Bartee received 1.84 percent with 181 votes.

* In the race for the U.S. House of Representatives 3rd Congressional District seat statewide, Republican Michael Guest was the winner. In Adams County voting results, Democratic candidate Michael Ted Evans led with 56.80 percent and 5,583 votes. Guest had 42.19 percent with 4,147 votes. Reform party candidate Matthew Holland received 1 percent with 98 votes.

* David McCarty led the non-partisan race for Court of Appeals District 4 judge in Adams County results with 54.49 percent and 4,401 votes. Jeff Weill Sr. was second with 23.59 percent and 1,905 votes. Byron Carter had 21.66 percent with 1,749 votes.  McCarty also won the race statewide.

* David M. Ishee was unopposed for the Southern District Supreme Court District 2 Position 1 and received 7,049 votes.

* E. Vincent Davis was unopposed for Chancery Court Judge District 17-1 and received 2,725 votes.

* George Ward was unopposed for Chancery Court Judge District 17-2 and received 5,186 votes.

* Lillie Blackmon Sanders was unopposed for Circuit Court Judge District 6-1 and received 3,496 votes.

* Debra M. Blackwell was unopposed for Circuit Court Judge District 6-2 and received 4,837 votes.

* Walt Brown ran unopposed for County Court Judge and received 8,473 votes.