100 turkeys given away to community members

Published 10:59 pm Tuesday, November 20, 2018


NATCHEZ — Outside of the Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel on Tuesday Frank Stylez along with other volunteers handed out 100 turkeys to community members.

“Just giving back, it was on my heart and I’m a firm believer in what you give to the universe is what you give back in return. You gain a blessing and you give it all and receive another.” Stylez said. “As times get hard everybody needs a helping hand sometimes, and I just wanted to be the one to give back.”

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Stylez said he had help making this come together from Magnolia Bluffs Casino, Anthony Heidelberg, The Hype Magazine, his trucking company, Adams Transportation, his cousins, his mother along with others who all came together to help make this event possible.

Natchez Mayor Darryl Grennell was also present at the giveaway. Grennell said it was touching to see Stylez want to give back.

“Its so important people do not forget where they come from or forget about the people in the community. And this guy did not forget this community and as Mayor I just wanted to say I really appreciate what you did man.” Grennell said.

Grennell said Stylez deserves to be commended for the good work he has done in Natchez.

“I just want to tell everybody out there if they have a dream and they want to to do something in life, don’t worry about the ones who say they wont be successful either way it cant stop your blessing, just keep doing what you do,” Stylez said.