Be thankful for Natchez’s blessings

Published 12:01 am Thursday, November 22, 2018

Although most residents could easily rattle off their top 10 or 15 list of gripes — we are a truly blessed community.

And today, on Thanksgiving Day, we pause to simply reflect on just how blessed we all are.

Taking the blessings bestowed upon our community for granted is easy. We all do it from time to time. We simply get into the groove of things and tend to focus on the negatives rather than seeing the many positives of our community.

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From a relatively low rate of crime to a relaxed quality of life many residents enjoy, our community has many, many things in the plus column.

Across the world, Natchez is known as being a small time capsule of pre-Civil War history. The amazing collection of historic mansions our community features has lured curious visitors for generations.

But to simply discount Natchez as a town of old houses would be to judge the book by its cover.

Amazing food has long been a staple of Natchez’s culture.

In recent years a growing live music scene has also burgeoned in the area.

Wildlife teems in our area, which draws sportsmen from near and far.

But it is the Natchez’s area diverse, sometimes eclectic, often quirky collection of residents for which we are most thankful and the most proud.

Natchez residents are unique, they are proud and they are fiercely loyal.

And regardless of skin color, ethnic background, social status or economic means, the people who call this area home are family.

We seek that most often when we’re threatened by an outside foe like a natural disaster when all sides of Natchez pull together as one.

For all of those people, we remain thankful on this day of thanksgiving.