Adams County sheriff announces he is running for re-election

Published 12:10 am Sunday, December 2, 2018


NATCHEZ — Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten announced late Friday his intention to run for re-election in 2019.

Patten, who took office Jan. 4, 2016, began his career in law enforcement with the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office for one year before transferring to the Natchez Police Department, where he served for eight years.

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Patten also spent eight years with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office before he was elected.

In making the announcement, Patten said violent crimes have been reduced by double-digits since he took office.

Patten said the crime reduction was achieved through being proactive, establishing a great rapport with the community and providing quality training for officers.

Patten also attributed the lowered crime rate to quick action and tips from the community.

“We act with a sense of urgency on any tips we receive,” Patten said. “We act immediately when we have information. I have to give it to the residents in the city as well, even they have started to step up, too, and pass on information as well.”

Patten said with another term as Adams County’s sheriff he believes he could improve on the foundation already laid.

“We’ve shown what we can do with what we have,” Patten said. “In another term I think we can build on that foundation. I want to reduce the recidivism rate. We’re up against repeat offenders, and we want to figure out how to reduce that rate. Either the ones on the wrong track going to jail or the ones on their way out.”

Patten said that in his first term as sheriff he also was able to make cutbacks that allowed for pay raises and new positions. Specifically, he said, five officers’ salaries were 80-percent funded through grants.