10-year marijuana sentence suspended for local businessman

Published 11:54 pm Monday, December 17, 2018


NATCHEZ — A local businessman who received a 10-year sentence Sept. 6 for possession more than 20 pounds of marijuana walked free Monday after serving approximately 90 days in jail. The remainder of his sentence will be on post-release supervision.

Wilmer Howell “Dub” Rogers, who owned several business properties in Natchez at the time of his arrest including Smoot’s Grocery and Steampunk Coffee Roasters, was arrested April 2017 after investigators seized 21 pounds of marijuana, 30 weapons and $3,550 in cash at his residence on 58 Stirling Road and later found another 1/2 pound of marijuana after a search of one of his commercial properties on 13 Ridgeway Road.

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Under the direction of Sixth District Circuit Court Judge Forrest “Al” Johnson, Rogers, 61, was slapped with a $50,000 fine last September, along with a 10-year sentence. Due to the nature of his charges Rogers could have received up to 24 years in prison.

“When I review your case in December, I want firm arrangements made for the remaining balance of that fine,” Johnson said during September’s sentencing. “If I am satisfied at that time with the financial arrangements that have been made, then I will consider suspending the balance and placing you under post-release supervision.”

The hefty $50,000 fine had been paid in full, Johnson said Monday.

“The court is advised that the defendant has fully paid that fine and the court costs,” Johnson said. “The court further orders that of the $50,000 fine, $10,000 of that would go to the Adams County narcotics drug fund due to the nature (of the crime) and the extensive investigation and cost to the sheriff’s office involved in prosecuting this case.”

True to his word, Johnson ordered that Rogers’ sentence be suspended Monday morning, and further ordered that Rogers be placed under post-release supervision for the remainder of the time he would have served.