Community must stop crime

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shots rang out again across part of Natchez Monday night and another life has been taken.

Law enforcement officers are still investigating the details of the latest shooting death, and we have little doubt they will eventually make an arrest in the matter.

But when will it end?

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Our community has experienced an unprecedented series of bloodshed this year.

If Monday’s shooting death is eventually ruled a homicide, it will mark the 12th such murder in the city limits of Natchez this year. Another two people have been murdered in the unincorporated portions of Adams County in the same period.

Fourteen people — each of who should be viewed as God’s children for Christians among us — have been gunned down, over what is arguably silly, petty gang rivalries.

Adams County Coroner James Lee has a unique and sobering, front row seat to the violence.

Lee summed up what most Natchez citizens are thinking on Monday night on the scene of the latest death.

“This is crazy, and we need help in this city. God be merciful is all I can say tonight. We need help.”

He’s correct.

We need help, and God can certainly handle this, but God gives us all the minds and courage to think and act with free will as well.

And we all should start helping our community and our fellow man by being brave and stepping forward with any information about the crimes. After that, parents, friends and family members must disarm the young people who seem to be at the center of the gang fighting.

Dozens of lives have been ruined by the murders this year, and it can end if everyone near the shooters steps in with love and says, “enough.”