Court to see new faces in 2019

Published 12:13 am Thursday, December 20, 2018


NATCHEZ — The year 2019 is quickly approaching, and the New Year’s Day fireworks also will mark the turnover point for some elected positions, with familiar faces in the courtroom performing new duties, county officials said.

Current Sixth District Assistant District Attorney Debra Blackwell will take on the position of circuit court judge, a seat vacated by Judge Forest “Al” Johnson after Blackwell won the position in the general election last month.

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Adams County District Attorney Ronnie Harper said her position at the DA’s office will soon be filled starting Jan. 1 by Bryan Callaway, who currently serves as Adams County prosecutor.

Callaway’s appointment has already been confirmed and is now just a matter of paperwork, Harper said, while, the position of county prosecutor should be determined by the board of supervisors next month.

County attorney, Scott Slover, said he believes both Blackwell and Callaway are a great fit for their new titles.

“Callaway has done a great job, and I hate to lose him as the county prosecutor, but I think he’d be a great fit for the assistant district attorney’s position,” Slover said. “As for Debra Blackwell, she has a lot of experience under her, and I believe she will make a great circuit court judge.”

Slover said Aiesha Sanders has worked as the Interim County Prosecutor the last time this spot became vacant and is a likely candidate to do so again. However, that decision has yet to be determined by the board of supervisors.

“The appointment of a new county prosecutor cannot take place until the next board meeting in January,” Slover said. “There shouldn’t be any kind of problem with the turnover gap.”