Viewfinder: Just a push needed for cycling success

Published 12:07 am Thursday, December 27, 2018


NATCHEZ — Sometimes success in life requires a little push.

Just ask 4-year-old James Johnson, who brought his brand new bike to the Natchez bluff Wednesday for his first ride without training wheels.

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James came to bluff with his grandfather Tony Johnson and his 18-month-old brother, Dominique.

“His old bike has training wheels on it. It is at the house,” Tony said. “He wanted to bring it, but I told him, ‘No.’”

Tony brought the bike with James to see how well his oldest grandson could do without training wheels.

At first James tried to ride his shiny red bike by himself, lifting his leg high above the seat.

The first few attempts end with a series of wobbles and falls to the ground — and maybe a few tears.

A helpful push from Tony, led to furious pedaling from James, which then led to a swerve to the right and then a swerve to the left.

“Keep pedaling James, keep pedaling,” Tony said loudly.

Suddenly the swerves turned into a straight line and James was off on the next adventure in cycling — stopping.

With a sudden end to the pedaling, the bike stopped and fell sideways to the ground, carrying James with it.

Unlike previous falls, this tumble came with a big smile instead of tears.

“You did it,” Tony said to his grandson. “James, you are doing so good.”

With newly discovered determination, James looked up to his grandfather.

“Pa Pa could you help me ride my bike again?” James said. “I am not going to fall off this time.”