Faith and Family: Local family thanks God for sparing life after accident

Published 12:01 am Friday, January 4, 2019


NATCHEZ — A local teen was severely injured during a one-vehicle accident on New Year’s Eve and family members said God spared his life; however, there is a still long road to recovery.

Dylan Troxler was riding in the passenger seat of a friend’s vehicle just before noon Monday (New Year’s Eve) when the driver lost control and hit a pole near the Adams County Nursing Center on John R. Junkin Drive, and both were ejected from the vehicle, said Dylan’s mother, Teri Troxler.

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The driver was treated and went home, but Dylan was taken to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson with a broken leg and several facial lacerations and swelling, Teri said.

“We’ve received multiple calls, texts and prayers,” she said. “People say he was lucky to be alive … but I know God was in control of that wreck and there is no doubt in my mind about it.”

Dylan Troxler, or “Big Country” as his friends call him, is an 11th-grade student and athlete at Vidalia High School, playing baseball and football.

Troxler recently had surgery on a broken tibia and fibula in his left leg and is awaiting plastic surgery on his right eye, which is now swollen shut, Teri said.

“He will be able to play again,” Teri said, “and (doctors) expect he will have a full recovery because he’s tough and strong. … They don’t call him ‘Big Country’ for nothing.”

Despite hearing this good news, Dylan’s aunt, Michelle Jones, said she had concerns about the number of medical expenses incurred, with still no clue how many surgeries are left to repair his eye.

Jones said her sister and nephew were in the middle of moving to a new house in Natchez, but Dylan’s accident put a temporary stop to their move.

“Had first surgery and there is no telling what will come up next,” Jones said. “He needs around-the-clock care right now. … Teri had to take off from work to take care of him. … She may have some vacation pay, but not enough days to get them through this.”

Jones said she started a GoFundMe page with the help of a family friend, Erin Hicks, who works at the hospital where Dylan was treated.

Over a few days, the fund has raised more than $550, while other friends have shown support through prayers and by donating a walker, which Dylan can now use with some help.

Teri said she had just discovered the GoFundMe page, called “Teaming up with the Troxlers-Dylan’s Recovery Fund,” Thursday afternoon as she was driving Dylan home from the hospital.

“I have cried,” Teri said. “No matter how much I need help, I will not be the one to ask. That’s not in my nature. I figured if people want to help, they will without me asking for it.

“This is not how it’s supposed to be. I’m a nurse. … I’m used to taking care of other people, not other people taking care of me.”