Two charged in attempted armed robbery

Published 12:12 am Sunday, January 6, 2019


NATCHEZ — Two people were arrested Thursday in connection with an attempted robbery on Dec. 29.

Officers responded to a call about an armed robbery at approximately 1:30 a.m. at the Blue Sky Exxon on U.S. 61, Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong said.

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A masked man tried to forcibly remove cash from the register at the gas station with his hand in his pocket, as though he was carrying a gun, Armstrong said. However, Armstrong said no weapon has been found after further investigation of the incident.

The man, believed to be Montreal O’Neal, 31, left the scene with an accomplice, thought to be Loretta Waltman Newman, 53, before any money had been taken, Armstrong said.

“The store clerk refused to give him any money, so he attempted to open the register himself,” Armstrong said, “and was later distracted by an accomplice who came in the door and told him to leave, and he left with the accomplice.”

Armstrong said both were arrested and charged with attempted simple robbery Thursday and were being held in jail without bond set as of Friday morning.

“As you can see, the crooks have been busy, and we’ve been busy as well,” Armstrong said. “These arrests … were made by following leads and by receiving good tips from the public. Community involvement is always great, and we encourage even more of that.”