Mulvihill announces run for Concordia Parish sheriff

Published 2:52 pm Thursday, January 10, 2019

Special to the Democrat

Denis Mulvihill, a lifelong resident of Concordia Parish, has announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Concordia Parish.

“During the past year I have spoken with many residents and business leaders whom have urged me to consider the sheriff’s position,” Mulvihill said in making the announcement. “My wife Rachel and I discussed and prayed about this decision and feel that my experience, dedication to community, law enforcement background and business skills can provide Concordia Parish with a sheriff that can and will progressively address the immediate and forthcoming needs of our citizens, businesses and communities.”

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Mulvihill said he had given the position much thought before announcing his candidacy.

“After careful evaluations of the current state of affairs coupled with my ideas for now and the future,” Mulvihill said. “I feel that I can greatly improve the safety and security of the citizens of Concordia Parish while assuring fiscal responsibility and accountability in an open and transparent manner while incorporating a progressive approach to law enforcement.

“I have many ideas that I feel need to be implemented within the parish and look forward to presenting and reviewing these with you as the campaign moves forward. Your input in all of these areas is both appreciated and welcomed.”

Mulvihill said he has created a website for his candidacy.

“My campaign page,, will allow our citizens to interact with me directly,” Mulvihill said. “I will review and respond to each and every inquiry and would like to thank you in advance for your concerned participation.”

Mulvilhill said his platform comprises “numerous, wide-ranging initiatives that will inspire and invigorate all the residents of Concordia Parish.

“I will implement changes that hinge upon Community co-operation, fiscal responsibility, training and transparency. These represent only a few of the topics that I feel need to, and can be addressed utilizing our current framework without requiring further commitment from the taxpayers of Concordia Parish.”

Mulvihill said he has the qualities a sheriff needs to succeed.

“A sheriff wears many hats — administrator, business professional, law enforcement officer and leader, to name only a few,” Mulvihill said. “I believe I can offer, and look forward to providing, the citizenry of Concordia Parish, all of these qualities.

“I look forward to working for you and thank you for your consideration.”