Dunleith is important to Natchez

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

News that historic Dunleith will soon be on the auction block may have saddened, even shocked some local residents.

Whether or not we realize it, Dunleith is one of a handful of images of Natchez that defines us to the world.

The mansion’s wrap-around columns signify the grandeur and beauty of a by-gone era in the South.

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Countless weddings, parties and other memorable events have been held on the historic, sprawling grounds.

But the personal bankruptcy of the building’s owner should not cause local residents to shy away from the businesses still operating under its umbrella.

As Dunleith General Manager John Holyoak said, if Natchez understands the importance of having a location such as Dunleith in its community, now is the time to rally the troops and support it.

While it’s a private business and we typically shy away from promoting a private business here, in this case, Dunleith needs Natchez’s help.

Let’s support it with our words, our hearts and our pocketbooks.

Hopefully a new buyer will emerge soon with the means, resources and know-how to keep the property serving guests and entertaining visitors for many, many more decades to come.