Remember fire safety this season

Published 12:01 am Friday, January 18, 2019

deadly fire this week in Lawrence County was blamed on storing firewood too close to a wood burning stove.

The story was made all the more heartbreaking because the woman had just buried her husband and died attempting to rescue her dogs from the flames.

Not putting flammable items near an open flame may seem like common sense, but it’s those very common, very small lapses in good judgment that often lead to deadly consequences.

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And it could happen to any of us.

This weekend our area is expected to receive some bitterly cold weather on Sunday and into Monday.

The recent fire deaths in our state should underscore the need for all of us to take the time now to assess our surroundings.

We need to look for possible fire hazards that include having combustible items too close to sources of heat or flame and electrical wires that are in frayed condition.

Above all, we urge all residents to ensure smoke alarms are installed in their residences and have working batteries.

Last year the state fire marshal estimated that approximately half of the more than 70 people that died in fires in Mississippi could have survived had a working smoke alarm been present in the house.

Please take care over the weekend as the cold weather arrives to be mindful of fire risks and protect against them.