Recreation is important for Natchez

Published 12:40 am Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ten years ago, this November, Adams County voters overwhelmingly supported a non-binding referendum seeking support for a recreation project.

Despite three-quarters of the voters saying they supported the matter all we have to show for the effort is a new swimming pool.

It’s a nice swimming pool, but it’s just a pool.

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Drive over to Duncan Park and you’ll find outdated baseball facilities and fairly beat-up playground equipment.

Natchez can, and should, be able to do better.

We need to collectively dedicate ourselves to making 2019 be the year that we enact a plan, a serious plan and make the investment in recreation that our citizens deserve — and voted that they wanted.

Recreation, when done well and with wide involvement can truly improve the quality of life, the community sense of togetherness and the feeling of pride.

Look at the Natchez Trails project completed several years ago. On its surface, it’s just a wide sidewalk. Granted it has an amazing view of the Mississippi River, but it’s still just a sidewalk.

But that sidewalk attracts all walks of life to enjoy it. On any given pretty day (and often on ugly days too) you can find a menagerie of Natchez residents enjoying the trails.

The same could happen for a recreation complex that featured a myriad of recreational offerings.

But citizens must realize that making recreation a priority will not happen until citizens make it happen.

Government leaders will stick to the safe, status quo until lead to action.

Let’s lead them to action on recreation this year.