Recap of last week’s good news

Published 11:47 am Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine’s Day is sure to bring good news to many people on Thursday, but that is still a couple of days away.

For now, let’s take a look back at last week’s good news items that are every bit as sweet as a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

*One of Natchez’s treasured antebellum mansions, Melrose, is a destination in itself to many tourists from around the globe who flock to tour the grand house each year. Now, tourists have another reason to visit Melrose after it was recently added to the “American Camellia Trail: Coast to Coast Camellias” brochure.

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Melrose has more than 50 species of camellias on the grounds that were planted in the early 1900s. While camellia lovers are there to enjoy the flowers, they also can take a gander at the grand mansion and venture through all of the other great sites in Natchez.

*Burnley Cook’s music and magic act went to the dogs (and cats), literally on Sunday.

Cook, a local musician, piano tuner and restorer, gave of his time and talents Sunday afternoon to perform music and a comedy magic act to benefit the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. Visitors were encouraged to donate items needed by the humane society including dog and cat food, cleaning supplies and more. If you did not make it to the show, you can still make a donation to the humane society at 475 Liberty Road, Natchez.

*A crowd of approximately 35 people recently visited the former train depot on Broadway Street on Thursday to get a look at the site and to ask questions about the facility for which the city is seeking a tenant, ideally a restaurant.

That 35 people took the time to visit and ask questions indicates a level of interest in the facility, even though it was not clear how many of the visitors were seriously considering submitting a proposal to the city. Perhaps, the depot’s next tenant was in that crowd, which would be good news, indeed.

Those are just a few of last week’s good news items.

Happy Valentine’s Day!