Pot leads to insanity, socialism

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, February 19, 2019

An article appeared recently on the Hillsdale College monthly bulletin called “Imprimis” on the subject of marijuana. It was written by a retired New York Times reporter by the name of Alex Berenson.

In it, Berenson cites numerous studies and interviews with many psychologists and brain scientists, all of whom stated that marijuana causes schizophrenia and other psychoses in users.

It is the cause of huge numbers of crimes carried out by users who never would have thought about doing the insane crimes if it were not because of the use of weed.

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His wife was a senior psychologist at the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Institute where over 300 patients reside. Many of the patients are killers, arsonists and one is a cannibal. They all smoked pot before being caught and sent to the asylum.

My wife and I recently entertained a couple of people from California. The young man stated that a high percent of the residents of Los Angeles smoked pot and he thought the same was true in San Diego as well as San Francisco.

This would explain the actions of those cities in establishing sanctuaries for illegal aliens within their borders as well as the protection of criminals from authorities elsewhere. It also explains the wild and insane actions on the part of film stars, politicians and journalists who all decry anything beneficial for American citizens.

Back in the early 1950s while the war in Korea was going on, Joseph Stalin made an announcement to his people that the United States would ultimately be defeated by the communists because the communists in the United States had been invading all of the universities and lower schools with “socialist” professors and teachers who would preach “socialism” to their students.

The Soviet embassies in all the Central and South American counties were aiding and abetting all the drug dealers to infiltrate their products to the United States as well.

The result would be the ultimate weakening of the minds of the citizens of the USA to the point where “socialism” would be voted in and communism would become victorious.

Our Democratic Party has been taken over by the “socialists” already. They are the party that will destroy America and they have been working hard since 2009 to do just that.

Their leaders like Maxine Waters, Pocohontas (Elizabeth Warren), Booker, Harris, Bernie and now AOC, I believe, have exhibited their schizophrenia by making insane statements and enticing their followers to actually batter the sane residents of America.

If these sick people actually win the 2020 election, I believe we all can look forward to Joseph Stalin’s brand of communism. All our protections from our Constitution and our judicial system will be wiped out. There would be no new free elections. You could live by Cuba and Venezuela. Are we ready for this?

Andrew Peabody,

Natchez resident