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All eyes on flooded Mississippi River as crest forecast raised to near record mark

All along the lower Mississippi River, emergency management officials are keeping watchful eyes on the predicted forecast as the already flood-level river is now expected to crest at near-record levels in many places, including Natchez.

The latest river forecast shows an expected crest on the Natchez river gauge of 58.0 feet on March 16. If the river reaches that level it would be the third-highest level ever recorded. If it even slightly tops that level, it could be the second-highest flood.

The record river crest in Natchez was at 61.95 feet on May 19, 2011. The current second-highest level recorded was 58.04 feet on Feb. 21, 1937.

The current level at Natchez on Monday afternoon was 53.5 and rising. Flood stage at Natchez is 48 feet. When the river reaches 57 feet in Natchez, the National Weather Service reference the level as a major flood.

Historic crest levels for Natchez include:

(1) 61.95 ft on 05/19/2011
(2) 58.04 ft on 02/21/1937
(3) 57.12 ft on 03/18/2018
(4) 57.03 ft on 04/23/2008
(5) 56.75 ft on 01/17/2016
(6) 56.70 ft on 05/13/1973
(7) 56.60 ft on 05/04/1927
(8) 56.30 ft on 03/26/1997
(9) 55.70 ft on 05/31/1983
(10) 55.30 ft on 04/26/1922